‘The Thoughts of an Average Joe’

How many violists create blogs for other people’s entertainment or benefit? Because I’ve found a max of three… maybe, possibly. And the authors of those blogs explain in depth about what’s going on in their musical career, life, etc. Meanwhile, here’s me, ‘hiding’ behind my persona on the social-media platforms of Twitter and Facebook. You, the audience, only really know that I’m British, that I play the viola, and that I’m a guy; which are all revealed in the name of my alias!

Admittedly, I have revealed a few things in my short time on social media; such as going to start at Birmingham Conservatoire in September 2016. But never enough to reveal my true identity to my followers.

So, to prove that I’m a real person and that I have a life *EDIT – I forgot that violists don’t have a life…*, Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante for Violin & Viola is my favourite piece; I have an agenda against Kanye West and John Cage; I have a BIIIIIIG agenda against ukuleles; and viola is love, viola is life. (I’m not sure if that made me sound human or not.) You’ll get to know more about me over time.

So you may ask why did I start this ‘tweeting’ business using this persona? Some would believe that it would be because I wanted some banter; and that would be mostly correct. Other than I want to conquer the world, one click at a time; but that’s beside the point…

In all seriousness, my aim is to simply entertain you through the perspective, thoughts, and sarcasm of a typical violist; and because the British people are particularly good with forms of ‘low humour’, that makes me doubly sarcastic at times.

So, if this is the humour for you, follow me on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/BritishViolaGuy ) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ThatBritishViolaGuy ); and if you want to, you can give me suggestions on future blogs I could do!


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